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We use clear polished acrylic for this honour board. The board is impressed with vinyl lettering and is easy to update with our template update system. Colour print can be incorporated in the design. Subtle background Watermark images can look great on this Honour board.

As this clear Honour Board is completely see-through you'll see the wall behind it. So it's something to consider when choosing your honour board. Textured walls such as brick may contrast and make it harder to see the lettering. Simple coloured walls, timber backgrounds and rendered background are fine. An similar alternative Honour Board if you have a strong textured wall is our HBA-FV style which is the same Honour Board but includes a frosted background which obscures the wall behind it.

  • Comes in standard sizes but can be made in any size.
  • The board is affixed to your wall with metal stand-off pins that hold it 20mm off the wall surface.
  • We use an Easy Update System so you can update names with hassle free easy.


See the More Info section below for more details on our Honour Boards

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