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This Fatigued Metal Plaque has a rustic finish to it and can be made in a variety on ways and colour tones. We use metal powders to achieve the result which can be rusted like, Aged metal in silver, bronze, brass. The surface can be rough or smooth.

We use a variety of engraving processes to achieve the right bespoke result for your requirements which can include full colour printing. We can engrave word and image into the surface or emboss it.

  • Production time varies depending on requirement and quantity but a minimum of 3 weeks is need.
  • These awards are not cheap. A minimum cost would be around $400.00 for a one off depending on your requirements.
  • The award is a plaque and is designed to hang on the wall but of course we can vary this.

The plaque is normally design 10mm thick front panel with a 6mm under sized float board at the back so the the plaque on the wall floats 6mm off the wall surface.

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