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About Honour Boards

At Premier Awards we pride ourselves on variety, ensuring we have a style of honour board to suit your needs. Our range consists of traditional and modern timber honour boards and contemporary glass, acrylic and metal honour boards.  We offer Australia's most comprehensive range of Honour Boards at good value prices and we deliver Australia-wide.

We make and sell a large variety of honour boards. These include:

  • Contemporary (Glass or Acrylic)
  • Timber
  • Photo Boards
  • Fusion Glass

We can custom make honour boards to suit your needs such as a custom design or a custom sized honour board. We also have the ability to replicate an existing honour board including close colour matching. Just email us through the size + an image and one of our friendly sales team can send through a quote.

Click on the links below to find out more.

What size do I need?

If you need help on determining the size of your honour board, the below link will give you some general guidelines. 
If you require a size not mentioned in our standard size list please contact us for any specific size requirements you may have
Acrylic, Glass & Timber boards can be manufactured up to 2400 x 1200mm in size.

Note: Fusion Glass max size 600x600mm

Click Here for size guidelines

Updating Names

Updating your honour board with additional names is easy, you can email us the details for the new names & we have all correct sizing on file to ship the names to you with an easy to apply template.

Guidelines are provided on the link below.

Click Here to view the guidelines.

How is the lettering done?

This link below provides information about the options for adding names to your honour board.
At Premier Awards depending on the board we supply names via:

  • Vinyl lettering in Gold or Black (Don't worry, they aren't in individual letters, we provide the year/names in one line of text.)
  • Sublimation Print on Silver or Gold Brushed Metal Plate

Click Here for more information.

Timber Finish Colours

The below colours available for your timer honour board.

Click Here


Click Here to read more information about mounting options on your honour board.


We deliver Australia-wide.

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We offer an installation service in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

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